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Farm InsuranceInsurance is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a successful farming operation. Although knowing what types of farm insurance policies are available, what you should insure, and how much coverage you need can be daunting, insurance is one of the best ways to reduce risk on your farm. In many cases, it can help your farm recover from disruptions caused by accidents, natural disasters, and market devaluation.

When you decide to acquire farm insurance, the first thing you need to do is identify the real risks your farm faces. To do this, ask yourself what are some of the worst case scenarios that could occur on your farm and which of them are the most likely to occur. You should also write out the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats to your particular farm.

Keep in mind that farm insurance is designed to cover a wide variety of different farming operations, so it is much different than a traditional auto or homeowners insurance policy. Whether you run a large grain operation or simply own a small hobby farm, it is essential that your policy accounts for your specific needs.

One of the most important things we want to stress to you is that after you have a farm insurance policy, please let us know anytime you make a change to your operations. We ask you to please not assume that simply because you start an activity on your farm that is similar to your other operations, you are covered for it. Unless the activity is specifically outlined in your policy, it is unlikely that it is covered.